George's room

At the end of the homestead veranda is the room where George Jackson a member of the owners' family shot himself while cleaning his gun. When Alan and Loretta restored the place they decided to whitewash the walls and in this particular room use pink paint to add some "happy colors" to the always gloomy bedroom. They have left the original furniture in place such as the wardrobe and dresser. Using the black light (UV light) we could see splatters on the side of the wardrobe, dresser, accross the wooden restored floorboards in the corner and up the walls in the same area despite the repainted surface. This room was left unlocked for us during the night. It is said you know George around from the banging on the walls of the homestead that starts on the East and finishes at the West. We were camping front of his room beside the veranda where he usually makes his rounds but maybe due to us "serenading" him with songs and guitar playing he was very quiet at the time of our visit. The room however registers slight reading and many rooms were terribly cold inside the homestead. George's felt like a crypt. Later we found out that the pioneering family, especially the grandmother was music lover, seeing different instruments displayed inside.