Buttress barn

This heritage listed barn with the unique buttress feature is fully restored by Alan and Loretta and with the approval of the heritage council of Western Australia. Loretta took us inside the barn at night. It was not long ago that one of Oakabella's visitors made an entry into the visitors' book stating that the chain inside the barn was moving in the air unaided.
This event took place on a guided tour of the homestead and witnessed by several people including some skeptics.
One of our concerns and the reason to visit Oakabella (and especially Loretta) was this claim among others. We strongly believe that Loretta has a very strong connection with energies and entities as the "custodian" of the place and acts as the "mediator" between spirits and outsiders.
We have been very careful to reassure her of our good intentions and "spirit friendly ways" before examining the area. The pesky chain in question was laying peacefully coiled like a dormant beast in the corner and apart from some light phenomena and cold spots we detected nothing hostile around. On the night of the activity however all of its heavy length lifted from the floor swirling and eerily whooshing around for a while as if some invisible angry biker would engage in some violent fight. Our suspicion was confirmed after we found out that some of the visitors acted and walked around with a less respectful attitude that somewhat angered Loretta prompting a poltergeist activity that she was the center of.